31 Days: Stephanotis Pearl Bouquet {Day 4}

by Lynn on October 4, 2011

Bride with stephanotis bouquetWelcome to day 4 of my 31 Days of Inspiring Bouquet Ideas! Today we have a traditional stephanotis bouquet. Working with this flower is a bit different, because they don’t grow on a long stem like many other flowers. They are sold as blossoms and need to be individually hand-wired. Since the flowers are not very large, it takes a few hundred blossoms to make a decent sized round bouquet. Because there are no stems, a handle is fashioned from wire, and then completely wrapped in white satin ribbon. Organza ribbon tufts encircle the base and soften the look. Finally, a pearl pin is inserted into the center of each blossom. Brides may find this type of bouquet to be more expensive than others, which is due to the labor intensive task of wiring each stem.

31 Days of Inspiring Bouquet Ideas

Be sure to join me tomorrow for callas and ivy!

On the journey toward Home,

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