New Teacup Bird Flock Lands in Etsy Shop

by Lynn on August 1, 2017

Tea cup bird nests silk floral arrangements

My Etsy shop has added a new flock of teacup birds! This group features a wonderful assortment of repurposed vintage cups and saucers. Years ago I found a way to use broken and mis-matched sets, incorporating them into colorful silk floral arrangements. Many of the sets in this new group feature R.S. Prussia, Limoges, and Paragon pieces.

This elegant pink and red arrangement features a lovely pedestal cup adorned with delicate roses.

Pink carnations, fuchsia Sweet William, and small lime flowers complement the mauve gold beaded organza ribbon at the base of the nest.

A turquoise bird sits in a nest of blue hydrangeas, pearls, pink flowers, and lamb’s ear.

This flock includes colorful birds in vibrant shades of pink, yellow, violet, blue, and green.

The yellow, orange, and pink arrangement features hydrangea, Sweet William, maidenhair fern, and small lime colored flowers.

A delicate blue and white demitasse set features a pink bird surrounded by white astilbe and pearls.

This violet blue bird sits atop a nest of orange and violet hydrangea, purple Sweet William, and plum berries.

Tea cup bird nest silk floral arrangements

Each nest is anchored with a vibrant organza or French ribbon trim around the base. Reindeer moss, silk flowers, leaves, and berries surround a colorful bird. You can see the entire collection in my Etsy shop, at, or you can learn how to make your own teacup bird nests in this previous post: DIY-How to Make a Tea Cup Bird Nest Silk Floral Arrangement

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