SoCal HarvestAre you weary? Do you carry burdens of guilt or shame? Do you want to find rest in the midst of this mad world? Are you searching for meaning? Would you be surprised to learn that God knows you, loves you and has a purpose for your life?

If yes is the answer to any of these questions, then you are encouraged to attend the SoCal Harvest Crusade, August 28-30 at Angel Stadium! Pastor Greg Laurie will be giving a powerful and uplifting message explaining how you can find peace through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Great music will be provided by Christian artists Third Day, Phil Wickham, Lacey Sturm, Lacrae, Citizens & Saints, the Harvest Worship Band, and Jeremy Camp.

Gates at the Anaheim Angel Stadium open at 5:30 P.M. and the event begins at 7:00 P.M.
Admission is free, but the stadium charges $15.00 for parking.
If you don’t live locally, you can watch the live stream at

The Harvest Crusade has been an outreach ministry of Harvest Christian Fellowship since 1990. More than 5 million people have attended either in person or virtually over the internet, and over 430,000 have registered professions of faith at or through these events.

SoCal Harvest Crusade

Give it a listen-it will change your life!

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StrawberryI saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it looked like an easy-to-make treat for the Fourth of July!
These are just chocolate dipped strawberries with a dab of sugar sprinkles.

Here’s what I used:
-Two containers of strawberries (about 40 pieces)
-One 11 ounce package of Ghirardelli white chocolate baking chips
-About 5 ounces of blue sugar sprinkles
-Wax paper

Here’s what I did:
Washed and dried the strawberries

Melted the white chocolate chips. You can do this on the stove top or in the microwave. I used the microwave, in 15 second intervals, stirring in between until the chocolate had a smooth consistency. Be sure not to overheat. The chocolate should not be hot, just warm enough to be melted.

Dip the strawberry into the chocolate about 2/3 of the way up, and set on wax paper. Because these will be set on their sides, the chocolate will solidify with a flat bottom. This can be a good thing because they will sit nicely on a plate without rolling all around. However, if you’d rather they be evenly dipped on all sides, you might try to find a way to hang them while the chocolate hardens. Hmmm… As I’m typing, I was thinking that maybe Barbie could help us out with this if only she had some little clothespins we could borrow… Whoops, thinking out loud again! But seriously, a strawberry hanging apparatus is an interesting idea, and one that I’ll have to look into next time!

Okay, back to work. As the chocolate cools, it will begin to harden. When the consistency is still a bit sticky, gently roll the bottom 1/3 of the strawberry in the blue sugar and set again on wax paper. I found that gently rolling works a bit better than plunging it into the sugar, as the latter method causes the chocolate to kind of bunch up on the end.

So basically, this is a two-dip process. It works best if you dip in small batches so you can get to the sugar before the chocolate solidifies completely. If the chocolate is completely solid by the time you get to the sugar dip, you can apply a bit of warm water to the bottom third to melt it just enough so the sugar will stick.

Once I got the timing down for the second dip, the process went pretty smoothly. These are easy to make and will provide a colorful dessert for your Fourth of July Celebration!


On the journey toward Home,



by Lynn on June 22, 2015


Today marks eight years since my mom went to be with the Lord and I still miss her every day. And while the grief has softened over time, her absence leaves a conspicuous void in my life. I catch myself longing to call her—to hear her voice and to talk with her again. I yearn for those familiar encouraging words, or the gentle wisdom she was gifted with. I want to tell her about my day and to hear about hers. I miss the maternal connection, now broken by death, and life is just not the same without her here.

But the sting of death just reminds me that this world is not my home. I was designed to live in a place where God dwells and my soul longs to be there. For Christ followers, this yearning for home will one day be satisfied. Jesus said that all those who put their trust in him are destined for eternal life, and the fulfillment of that promise is the hope of our salvation. It is the promise God makes to bring us back into his presence. And we’ll not only be reunited with him, but with each other as well.

The Christian band MercyMe sings about this temporary separation between believers and the glorious reunion we look forward to. In essence, we feel a bit homesick.

A few years ago while Christmas shopping, I found the little embroidered tea towel, pictured above. It had such a sweet sentiment that I gave it to my sister for Christmas. A variation of “home is where the heart is,” the stitching reads “Home is where your Mom is.” Once I thought about it, I found the sentiment pretty accurate! My home is in heaven and my mom is already there, so home really is where my mom is—and I can’t wait to get home!

On the journey toward Home,


Remembering Those Who Sacrificed All

by Lynn on May 24, 2015

Memorial-DayOver this Memorial Day weekend, we honor the brave men and women of our military who sacrificed all to secure and maintain the freedoms we enjoy.

President Bush had some poignant words for this day in 2003.

On Memorial Day, Americans place flags on military graves, walk past a wall of black granite in Washington, D.C., and many families think of a face and voice they miss so much. Today, we honor the men and women who have worn the nation’s uniform and were last seen on duty. From the battles of Iraq and Afghanistan, to the conflicts in Korea and Vietnam, to the trials of World War, to the struggles that made us a nation, today we recall that liberty is always the achievement of courage.

And today we remember all who have died, all who are still missing and all who mourn. And on this day, especially, our nation is grateful to the brave and fallen defenders of freedom. In every generation of Americans we have found courage equal to the tasks of our country. The farms and small towns and city streets of this land have always produced free citizens who assume the discipline and duty of military life. And time after time, they have proven that the moral force of democracy is mightier than the will and cunning of any tyrant. – George W. Bush, Arlington National Cemetery, May 26, 2003

While we enjoy the company of family and friends this weekend, let us pause to remember those who never made it home to their own families. May we also remember those who returned home wounded and broken, and to pray for healing of all service members and their families who continue to mourn.

On the journey toward Home,

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